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People have largely written off non-surgical bone growth methods without giving us a chance. This explains why 'all' non-surgical bone growth methods are deemed ineffective and a waste of money.

We can only assume other methods introduced before us have been ineffective and their expertise have failed and many have become disillusioned with anything that comes under the umbrella of 'natural growth'. This no doubt has a significant negative impact on how people perceive us and the industry involving natural growth methods as a whole. However we hope our achievements will bring new hope to individuals who are seeking an alternative method to achieve bone growth through natural means beyond the age of 21. Also we would like to reiterate the growth achieved from our programs is100% in the bones where the cartridge and soft issues are unaffected.

Our achievements proves non-surgical methods do work providing the correct methods are used and the right expertise is given. Bear in mind there are no known surgical methods that can widen the shoulder bones, this proves the individuals who have achieved wider shoulder bones in our Vlogs could only have achieved the results from using our program.

We are no different to fitness trainers who provide expertise in their field for a fee. We only charge a one off fee. The fee includes a full support service to ensure you will succeed with our programs.

What we have achieved, is successfully designed and identified exercises that have shown to acheive bone growth  over a relatively short period of time (for bone growth) even in fully grown adults (beyond the age of 21) If they're performed regularly. The fact is the manipulation of the human skeleton is entirely possible (through exercise) to excite growth. This means applying the correct repetitive exertions (through exercise without making direct contact on the bones itself) to areas of significance on the human skeleton can stimulate new bones to grow.  Our exercise program delivers on that exact principle which is recognized and purposely designed, if also performed to an optimal pace and duration will produce the best dynamics to invigorate the growth of new bones in the shoulders, legs and arms. Make the right decision to choose a program that has already been tested to work. You don't want to be wasting your time when you can be making progress instead.
Since our exercises do not require you to apply direct pressure on any part of the bone itself, the growth you achieve will occur from within the bone and not from bone thickening. This is because bone thickening is commonly created by applying direct pressure on the same area of the bone. This is how callus can be formed on the knuckle part of the hand.

The growth from our exercises is caused by you performing the right type of physical dynamics which will create the right type of micro fractures within the bone that affects the bones to grow in a certain way. The growth that occurs in the bones is very close to what happens when you are growing naturally, this means the gains you can make can be endless providing you perform the exercises correctly, this is why it’s so important you receive the right expertise.

Other than performing the correct exercises there are other factors which must be considered and adhered to in-order for you to successful achieve results. All the important information will be made available to you in our programs for you to follow strictly for absolute success. 

One relevant factor is it's advisable for you to maintain a well-balanced diet or take some essential amino acids to maintain a proficient working system so that you can acquire the full benefits of our programs by ensuring the efforts you put into the exercises are fully rewarded.

  • All our exercises are completely natural methods to achieve bone growth. By just spending minimum of 6-8 minutes of your time each day to perform the exercises in our programs your bones will gradually over a period of time. In just a few months you will see noticeable results, adding inches to your body over a longer period of time.
  • Our programs have been tested thoroughly over a significant period of time to produce great results time after time. So we are fully confident they will bring you the results you will be completely happy with.
  • You will only need to perform maximum two exercises that make up our  programs each day and they're incredibly simple to follow, literally anyone can repeat them daily with ease. 
  • Our programs are fit for any who wants to use them.