Do I need to do anything in the gym?

No, you wouldn't need to do anything in the gym what so ever. Our W.S.B program was not designed to bulk up muscle mass to give you the
impression of having wider shoulder bones. Our program really does widen your shoulder bones, that's our promise!.   
When will I see results?

Stick with our programs regularly and you will see results in due course. Most people should see improvements 2-3 months into our programs, double that time, most people will be very happy with what our program can do for them by then. The good news is as long as you continue with our programs your shoulder bones will continue to grow wider and your limbs will continue to grow. As soon as you stop our programs the growth of your shoulders and limbs will halt until you restart the programs again. This means you have complete control and as a result your shoulders and limbs will grow no more than you want them to.
Please note, you shouldn't expect overnight results. People can get impatient. The progress is gradual. Bear in mind, even in leg lengthening operations it can take up to a whole year for patients to achieve just 3-4 inches of growth plus the additional 9 months of recuperation time.

What will the results look like?

The results you will see will be completely normal, just as depicted in our animated illustration video, you will simply acquire wider shoulder bones. Your limbs will grow in the way your bones grow/grew naturally.

Do I have to consult anyone before starting the program? 

You will not need to consult anyone before starting our programs unless you have current structural bone damage, ie bone fractures, or if you don't have the full range of normal upper body movements. Barring those you won't need to worry about anything else. We will give you all the after sales support you will need that includes giving you tips and advice that will cover everything you might want to know about.

Will I develop large muscles?

Our program does not require you to use any weights in conjunction with any of the exercises nor is any of our exercises strenuous. The effort required to perform the exercise routines is low - medium. Depending on how fit and active you are, you may not even break sweat doing them. 

Will the program interfere with a weight lifting program?

There are 2 exercise routines that makes up our W.S.B program for each day. Providing you perform both of our W-S-B exercise routines on the same day with a time gap of 7-8 hours between them both. If you are lifting weights make sure you perform your weight lifting routine 3-4 hours before or after performing any of our exercises then you should be OK. This goes for our limb lengthening exercises as well.

Is it painful?

Absolutely 100% not, the exercises are simple exercises that are not strenuous. Because the growth of your bones will be gradual, there is no pain associated with the whole process either when performing the exercises or during the growing process of your bones, it is 100% pain free.